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SoC Loaner Laptop Guidelines

SoC IT has a pool of gently used Mac and Windows laptops available for loan with 2-3 business days notice.

To request a loaner laptop, please enter a support request.

Loaner laptops are available for the following situations:

  • A loaner laptop can be issued to faculty/staff who have an SoC IT supported laptop that needs to be serviced for more than a half day. This also applies to students in research labs who have been issued an SoC IT supported laptop.
  • Loaner laptops can be provided for special events sponsored by the Dean’s Office or SoC departments. Examples include laptops used at registration tables or kiosks or for projection purposes
  • Short term temporary employees in the Dean’s Office and SoC department offices can be issued a loaner laptop
  • Faculty and staff traveling to foreign countries can be issued a loaner laptop to take instead of their primary laptop so it can be wiped upon their return to reduce risk of data exposure when crossing international borders
  • Adjunct Faculty can be issued a loaner laptop with both department and SoC IT approval if it is required to meet specific needs that can’t be accommodated in another way
  • New employees may be issued a loaner laptop if a new machine is not yet available.

Loaner laptops are not designed for the following situations:

  • Loaner laptops are not provided for general student use, such as cases where a student has trouble with their personal computer. The Northwestern Library provides a limited number of laptops that students can check out for loan ( If a student is unable to afford to replace a broken computer, please contact the Associate Dean for Undergrad Programs and Advising for options
  • Loaner laptops are generally not provided to research groups as they ordinarily purchase the machines they need. Special one-time cases may be able to be accomodated