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The SoCIT purchasing team facilitates hardware and software purchases for faculty and staff. We provide quotes for purchases, and provide consulting services to help you navigate through the choices that are available. Our goal is to make certain that you make the best informed purchasing decision possible. In addition to standard educational discounts, Northwestern has contract pricing from Apple, Lenovo, and Dell. All purchases are tax exempt.

When your purchase is delivered, we take care of inventory and licensing issues, and then coordinate with the desktop support team to make certain everything is configured and deployed as expected.

It is School of Communication policy that all tablets, desktops, laptops, and printers are purchased through School of Communication Information Technology. If an emergency arises and a computer is purchased with personal funds, the department will contact SoC IT before the reimbursement is processed.

If purchasing from a sponsored funding source, an additional Sponsored Project Justification Form (with approval from an SoC Research Administrator) is required as well.

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