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OneDrive and SharePoint


Think of OneDrive as “my documents”. It’s your own personal storage.

You control what you upload, delete, and share.

You can share files individually and with a limited scope or lifecycle. 


Think of SharePoint as a collaboration tool. Groups can share, store, and collaborate on different types of content.

Site owners control access to pages and documents.

Owners have greater control over views and document management.


Quick Access


SharePoint navigation tips

Click “Sharepoint” in the top purple to get back to the main dashboard.

Make sure to follow sites that you’re a member of. This will add them to your home dashboard.

Search in the top purple only applies to the section you are viewing. If you want to search all of your sharepoint sites, make sure you are on your home dashboard.

The top corner waffle icon will show you links to all the office 365 apps.